Separating Toilets

We would love to see a world where everyone who wants to use a separating toilet – can.

Circular Revolution 2022

We work with toilet systems that do not use water and separates the urine and solids, giving rise to two distinct ‘waste’ flows. It is this specific aspect of the toilet design which gives these types of toilets their name and are also referred to as composting-type toilets due to the waste the poop is treated to make it safe for re-use.

Separating toilets, in fact, any toilet, operates at a system level. You might only think about the interaction at the user level of the system – the toilet itself – but toilet systems comprise of other components that deal with the collection, transportation, and treatment of the waste. This is where we operate!

Additional Resources for separating toilets

Below we list a few separating toilets available on the market that are independently recommended by ourselves and customers.

  • Lots of boaters have a Simploo, definitely worth checking out if you’ve got the funds. Check out there website here
  • The CompoCloset company is run by Richard, one of the most enthusiastic men about composting toilets we’ve ever met. Check out there website here: CompoCloset
  • Boater owned company Strumpet and Trollop produce sparkly urine separators if you fancy building your own: othey also has some info. on composting on your boat. Check them out here: Contact – Strumpet & Trollop (
  • One of the original kids on the block – these guys have a wealth of knowledge and experience about all aspects of separating toilets, and composting. Check out their separating loo options on this website: WooWoo Waterless and Composting Toilets – Industry Leader (

Composting resources

Perhaps you are wondering whether to join our subscription service or if you could manage a composting system on your boat yourself. There are some reasons why composting on your boat might not be totally possible (due to space restrictions, health/disability reasons, or because it just seems a bit over-whelming on top of all of life and boatings other demands). However, composting your own dry material on your own boat can be done!

Below are some resources and information to help you make the right decision for you, and where to start if you do decide to compost yourself. We’ve also included some information regarding separating loos- which range from very fancy expensive systems to DIY loos which you can build on a budget. 

Please also remember that we offer a ‘one off’ collection service – which could be handy to bear in mind if you start processing your dry material yourself, but for whatever reason, you need to shift a large amount of sh*t responsibly.

And volunteer roles which would allow you to access our monthly subscription service for ‘free’, in return for your time. Please get in touch to find out more about how you could get involved in this way.