Welcome to circular revolution

We aim to do this by shaping and showcasing an innovative circular sanitation service model through a community centered approach, as an incredible opportunity to create social, environmental and cultural value.  

Our mission is to provide a safe, convenient and sustainable toilet collection service for people choosing a more sustainable lifestyle.

We offer an innovative, zero-waste, toilet collection service for London boaters. We collect and compost composting toilets ‘waste’ to let you get on with your day.

We don’t see toilet waste as waste – its just been going to the wrong place. We take toilet waste and transform it into a safe soil conditioner. This safe product is then used to improve soil quality and regenerate soil health leading to be a better environment for people and planet!

We keep the ‘waste’ out of landfill – reducing the bin lorry emissions from transporting waste – as well as methane released when waste breaks down anaerobically in landfill.

  • Browse through the pages to get a better idea of how it all works.
  • Then go to our online shop and subscribe to the service you prefer. The collection service can be paused if you go away or move from the collection zone.
  • Alternatively, you can phone or email us and we can set up the collection for you and take the details needed and answer any queries.
  • We offer all new customers an introductory offer, for a limited period only, to check out the service and what we offer.