Toilet collection for London boaters

Our Mission: is to create a green, equitable and accessible waste management service shaped by and for boaters using compost toilets. We would love to see a world where waste management infrastructure is sustainable, responsive to the community’s needs and does not waste energy and resources, but creates it!

Our Service: is built upon an innovative circular sanitation service model that provides access to safe sanitation as well as transforming faecal waste into a valuable resource for our local environment, community and economy. We use electric cargo bikes to collect dry material from boaters on a fortnightly or monthly basis and then transform it into soil conditioner.

We are for everyone

Our innovative toilet collection service is for all London boaters: whether your a constant cruisers, permanent moorers, subscribers, volunteers. We also do one-off collections if you are just passing through. We are happy to discuss any type of collection from anyone with a composting toilet!

Easy and convenient

Fortnightly and monthly service, with the opportunity to pause when you are away

Zero waste

We don’t see toilet waste as waste – it’s just been going to the wrong place. We take toilet waste and transform it into a safe soil conditioner. This safe product is then used to improve soil quality and regenerate soil health leading to be a better environment for people and planet! We keep the ‘waste’ out of landfill – reducing the bin lorry emissions from transporting waste – as well as methane released when waste breaks down anaerobically in landfill.

Our Motivations: Sewered sanitation contributes to pollution and water scarcity. We want to reduce individual’s reliance on the over-loaded water based systems and keep dry material out of landfill, where it releases methane upon aneorobic breakdown.

  • Browse through the pages to get a sense of how we work (don’t forget to check the ‘separating toilet’ page for info. on getting an onboard up and running and resources to help you decide if you could, in fact, compost the dry material yourself).
  • Then go to our online shop and subscribe to the service you prefer. The collection service can be paused if you go away or move from the collection zone.
  • If you have time or ideas to give to the Circular Revolution project instead of cash, please get in touch with us about our volunteer opportunites.
  • You can phone or email us and we can set up the collection for you and take the details needed and answer any queries.
  • We offer all new customers an introductory offer, for a limited period only, to check out the service and what we offer. Use the code Introductory10 for 10% off the first collection.