How to use our service

We offer an easy to use, hassle free, collection service for composting-type separating toilets*.

*Composting toilets are those which separate pee and poo into separate containers.

Order your subscription today

Begin by signing up on the website to schedule your collection service. You can opt for a bi-weekly, monthly, or a single collection according to your needs.

We deliver

We provide a 17-litre white Circular Revolution caddy and two eco-compostable paper liners to your boat, ready for your initial collection. With each collection, we will exchange your caddy and liner for a fresh set, prepared for immediate use!

You use

Fill your own solids container with poo, cover material and toilet paper. When this is full, transfer to the paper liner provided. You can also put compostable liners in the paper sacks if you are already using these.

Watch the video below

We collect

Place the paper sack into the CR caddy and put it outside for collection. Make sure you put it somewhere visible for collection day, on the roof is perfect! But make sure it is well secured and won’t blow away!

On collection day, we will pick it up and provide you with a clean, empty one.

Watch the video to see how to use your Circular Revolution collection service